lunes, 11 de abril de 2016





Nice little sequence of images from my shoot with the amazing Roarie Yum south of Sydney last week. 

Oh my god. The bravery it takes to stand fully exposed like that on a rocky surface with powerful waves crashing behind and into you is intense. I’d probably freak out as soon as water hit me because that could knock people over.

This comment made me chuckle as I remembered what happened while shooting this. I’d like to note Cam asked me not to stand, he was concerned for my safety and I appreciated that.
Proof of my hardheadedness

Reflecting back on this shoot - I almost said no to going. Two days prior I had been shooting in the cold rainy weather of Adelaide. It had taken a toll on my body, I had a runny nose and scratchy throat. I felt sick and  thought I would need rest rather than a shooting adventure. So when Cam asked I told him yes but thought to myself that if the next morning I didn’t feel better I would have to let him know. With out that yes this image wouldn’t exist. 
Life is a compilation of all the things you say yes to as well as all the things you’ve said no to or ‘haven’t found the time for’. Make time for things. If it’s finishing a book, learning an instrument, taking a hike, meeting up with an old friend. It’s all the tiny yeses and big silent no’s that make the difference.

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