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Urban Blinds Many nudists/naturists live in the urban jungle, but feel like they can’t be nude. That isn’t necessarily true. Like many woodland areas, buildings provide their own cover, blinds if you will, where people can stretch out and be nude with little concern for being seen. It might not be an ideal spot, it could be hard to get to, but everyplace has a getaway where people can go for a break to chill out. It just takes some imagination and maybe some force of will. Check out this story about a nudist who found their blind in the least likely of places and made some new friends at the same time.  Find your nude place. Text by me. Photo by Mikel Forma http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikelforma/Photo retrieved from: Just”B”Nakedhttp://bnekkid83.tumblr.com/post/104074162947/nude-on-a-balcony-naturallyIn case the above link doesn’t work:

The story in this link is really lovely!I’m an urban nudist. I live in a flat in a reasonably sized town. Our flat has a balcony and luckily that can’t be seen be any of my neighbours so I can sit out there nude and sunbathe. I’d love more space to be nude outside, especially for my daughter to play out naked in summer. But I am also glad to have what I do.

I don’t normally get feedback or follow ups like this. Thank you for sharing your story and helping spread the benefits of nudism!

Ser una nudista urbana.

Muchos nudistas / naturistas viven en la jungla urbana, pero sienten que no pueden ser descubiertos. Eso no es necesariamente cierto.

Al igual que muchas áreas de bosques, edificios sus propias tiendas ofrecen cobertura, persianas si se quiere, donde la gente puede estirarse y estar desnudos con poca preocupación por ser visto. Puede que no sea un lugar ideal, podría ser difícil de encontrar, pero cualquier lugar tiene una escapada donde la gente puede ir para un descanso para relajarse. Sólo hace falta un poco de imaginación y tal vez un poco de fuerza de voluntad.

Echa un vistazo a esta historia sobre un nudista que encontraron su ciega en el menos probable de lugares e hizo algunos nuevos amigos al mismo tiempo.

Encuentra tu lugar desnudo.


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